My Top 5 Reasons to Shop Local in Your Community

By July 9, 2018 No Comments
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Over the weekend I read a couple things that really struck a cord and lead to this post. While scrolling through Instagram one evening I clicked on a cute little shop in orange county, CA that I used to frequent before we moved. I remember the owner, an adorable girl with a super cool so-cal vibe who was always so friendly when I shopped. I clicked on the first image in her feed because it was a simple image and it just said “Closed” – i figured she was doing a private event and her shop was closed for the night. What I read was not that, it was quite the contrary. She had been robbed (during business hours) and the people trashed her shop – so she was closed for a couple days to clean up. What she said at the end of her post nailed it – She said “when you steal from a small, local business, it’s personal…..you have no idea how hard we have to work just to keep our doors open, you stole from me and you stole from my family”

Her words broke my heart and I’m so happy that she has insurance to cover the damages and hopefully her community will rally around her and make up for that missed revenue, because it matters – every day matters.

On a much lighter note, a childhood friend of mine is a very successful real estate agent in Los Angeles and partnered with a local boutique to talk about the importance of supporting local businesses and how it helps communities thrive. We all know how easy it is to click-add to cart-get free shipping-have your items arrive on your doorstep 4 days later but when we make conscious efforts to support the business in our towns, great things happen. So, with that said – as inspired by two west coast women who I admire – here are my top 5 reasons why you should support businesses in your community.

  1. Keep Money Local – 5.5% of every purchase you make in a local business is tax. As business owners, we collect that money and then pay it back on your behalf. Sales taxes from local businesses provide a valuable source of revenue which is recirculated back into our local economy.
  2. Build Community- Local business owners are invested. We are your neighbors, your friends, your children’s classmates as we truly care about the city we call home.
  3. Strengthen Local Economy – Each dollar you spend at an independent business returns three times more money to your local economy than one spent at a chain store, and almost 50 times more than when buying from a major online retailer.
  4. Increase Property Values – Thriving communities have higher property values – period. Lively, Vibrant neighborhood shopping streets are considered an advantage when selling a home – thus increasing the value.
  5. Personal Experiences – We know your name when you walk through the door, we are excited to catch up with you and help you shop. The casual encounters you enjoy at neighborhood businesses build relationships and community cohesiveness.

Have a great week everyone – and remember – shop small when possible