The 20 minute Face

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The 20-Minute Face

Ok, ladies.  Give yourself 20 minutes, each morning, to enhance your beauty and I promise you’ll be left feeling like you can take on the world [and you can]. You deserve these moments of me-time and plus, the tips we’re sharing are fun, easy and fast.

I won’t go too deep into a proper skincare regimen but having one is.a.must.  Always make sure your face is well primed for your makeup, it’s the groundwork for all the effort we’re about to discuss!

Under eye

A concealer is going to hide those under eye imperfections. Using the wand of your product of choice, create an upside down triangle and blend in with your ring finger.  Cover those dark circles, girl!


Depending on your desired level of coverage, there are many, MANY options for foundations, BB, CC creams, etc. I happen to like CC creams (color-correcting) because I have quite rosy cheeks which is evened out with a CC cream.  I also find that applying any kind of foundation or cream with a brush is.essential. The coverage is more smooth, even and flawless. You can apply as much or as little as you like or need, just make sure it’s blended in appropriately and don’t forget to blend into your neck!


Less is more with this product.  Someone once told me, “Apply where the sun would kiss you” and I’ve used this phrase ever since [thanks, Ellen].  Sweep the brush along the outer sides of your forehead and along your hairline. Next, your jawline. Finish with your cheekbones.  Smile, then start at the apples of your cheeks and sweep upwards toward your hairline. A larger brush is best for bronzer as it blends well and avoids those terrible streaks we sometimes see.


Did you know different colored blush tones are applied to different areas of the cheeks?  Being typically a pink blush kind-of-gal, I apply just to the apples of the cheeks in a swirling, circular motion [find your apples by giving yourself a big grin].  Using a blush brush is key in getting your product applied just where you want it.

Different blush tones and their applications can be found here.


Using a highlighter creates a place for the sun to catch your cheekbones to give them a gorgeous glisten.  My highlighter of choice doesn’t require a brush [score!]. Use the highlighting stick to apply over the cheekbone area and to the bridge of the nose.  You can also apply your highlighter to the inner area of your eyes and also doubles as an eyeshadow!


If you have any strays, now is the time to tweeze!  #dailymaintenance

Using short and whisking strokes, apply your brow gel/cream/pencil [your choice] to your brows.  Enhancing and volumizing is what we’re trying to accomplish here. By filling in any patches and shaping, you’re creating a frame for your eyes.  And if you’re anything like me, you’ll need to set your shaped brow. Apply your setting gel, lightly, to the brow and they’ll stay in place during your hectic day.  If you don’t feel like you need setting gel, leave it out and you’ve got 1 minute of your life back.


Since we’re discussing a 20-minute face, we’re not going to get too wild with the shadow.  No smokey eye, no cat-eye effect. Just simplicity. Sweep a light highlighting shadow under your brows and into the inner corner of your eyes, this will catch the light just right and brighten those baby blues.  Next, take a neutral pale pink or taupe color and sweep onto the lids. Blend well.


Again, lots of different options of products; gel, pencil, crayon.  I prefer my pencil but will get sassy and use a gel when I’m in the mood [and have the time].  For the pencil application, make sure your pencil is sharpened and using short strokes, apply the liner to the base of the eyelashes working inwards or outwards along the lash line.  I don’t line the lower lash line, but that’s just me. If that’s your thing, you-do-you girl. Shadow is another great option if you want to “line” the lower lashes, it’s less harsh than a liner but gives a little pop to the eye.



I double up on the mascara usually.  Call me crazy, but I believe it works and [call me even crazier] I think I learned that trick from Jessica Simpson.  Start with curling the lashes. Take out that lash curler from the 80’s and Then, starting at the base of the lashes, gently apply your mascara upwards, some people shimmy their wand while applying to really grab the lashes and it works.  The first mascara application separates my lashes (telescopic mascara) and my second applications makes my lashes feel more full and luscious (smokey eye mascara).

Lipstick or gloss will be your ending step in this process.  Mauves are always great everyday colors or blush pinks. A nude lip will always be in style, too.  If you have time, line your lip [helps the staying power, in my opinion] but if time doesn’t allow, no biggie.

20-minutes.  That’s all you needed to create a flawless, everyday look.  Now, get out there and rock the day!

We’ve listed some of our favorite products below.  What are your must-have makeup items? Let us know!

Products Used

Under Eye



Cheeks in Dazzled



Brow Setting

Liner in Jet

Mascara / Mascara

Brushes / Brushes