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Top 5 fashion rules to live by

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Hey…..I’m new here…

…and i’m not a “blogger” – at least in the professional sense. I suppose anyone who has a blog and posts to it is a blogger – but for argument sake – let’s just say i’m doing this for fun.

So, now that i’ve gotten that out of the way, the reason I wanted to start a willow blog is because i think it will be a fun way to share a little bit more with you guys. Posts will be short – easy to read and image heavy. All images will be shot on an iphone and edited in the VSCO app – I get a lot of questions regarding how I edit my images, so i’ll definitely do a tutorial on a future post.

What better place to start than with a top 5 list…. So here we go. This is my “top 5” fashion rules to live by.

  1. SHOP WITH PURPOSE – this one is so important and if you do this, you’ll have much fewer moments of standing in your closet staring at a full rack of clothes and feeling as though you have nothing to wear. This is not to say that you should never just go out for an afternoon with your friends and pick up a cute top or fun accessory – but when your plan is to shop because there are items you need, it’s best to “shop with purpose” – go through your closet before you leave on your shopping trip – take a mental inventory of what’s there that you love – what’s lacking – what doesn’t fit anymore – or what’s been worn to death and needs to be replaced.
  2. SHOP FOR OUTFITS RATHER THAN PIECES – this goes right along with number 1. If you’re in a shop and you see a few great tops that you love, try to find a few bottoms that will go with them, as well as other pieces in your wardrobe. You’ll likely spend more money in that moment, but less over time as you build a wardrobe rather than a room full of random pieces.
  3. OWN (at least) ONE PAIR OF PREMIUM DENIM – all denim is NOT created equal, and yes, premium denim is worth every penny. It’s a hard pill to swallow, and it might cut into your shopping budget, but you will be so happy you splurged on that pair of jeans that just fits – if you don’t own a pair yet – start with a classic – mid to high rise, dark wash skinny. This is a classic, wardrobe staple that will stand the test of time. If you’re not new to the world of great jeans, and you own a couple amazing pairs – have some fun! Snag a pair with some embellishment, or fun distressing – these styles can be dressed up or down and will complement your classic styles nicely.
  4. ACCESSORIZE – the right accessories can change the whole look of an outfit – a few great layered necklaces or statement earrings and fun rings can take your basic jeans and a white tee easily from day to night. If you’ve shopped at willow, you probably have noticed that in terms of jewelry offerings, I keep it pretty simple and inexpensive – the reason for this is to make it a fun add on. Jewelry can be a huge investment and for certain pieces, it should be! But for everyday wear I have been able to keep 90% of the jewelry sold in the shop under $50 while making sure each piece is handmade and fabulous!
  5. PURGE – last but not least….. Get rid of it baby! Purging my closet is one of my favorite things to do and something i do about twice a year (before each of the two major shopping seasons – Fall and Spring) I’m pretty liberal with what I get rid of and that’s for a couple reasons – I hate closet clutter and until recently I lived in a 100 year old house with a tiny closet. Even if you have a massive walk-in, purging is still great. Don’t fear the pile of clothes you never wear. Most people only wear 20% of what they own, but the clutter is what makes you feel like you have nothing to wear. Here’s my rule of thumb when it comes to purging – if it doesn’t fit, get rid of it – period. Maybe you’ll lose those 5lbs, but maybe you won’t and that’s OK! Hanging on to 5 pairs of jeans that are 2 sizes too small is doing nothing! Donate or sell them. If you have not worn it in a year, you will never wear it again – donate or sell it. If the piece is worn out – and when you put it on it just doesn’t look good anymore, it’s time to move on and replace it with something new. This happens a lot with sweaters, after a few years of wear, sometimes they are just done. I tend to keep a fairly small wardrobe – it’s definitely not a capsule wardrobe, but I like to know what i have and actually wear all of it – by removing the clothes you no longer wear from your closet you’ll actually be able to see what you need to complete your wardrobe. I recently did this with a friend over wine and chips – we had a blast, laughed our asses off at some of the items that she had kept for decades, filled up a few bags and in the end realized that she literally didn’t own a pull-over sweater – so that’s what she went out and bought 😉

Fashion AccesorriesThere you have it babes….. The inaugural blog post to the willow blog. My goal is to post once a week, maybe twice. I’ve got a few helpers that you’ll hear from and some fun content to share with you guys!

If you’re still reading – thank you!

Xoxo – kelly