Trends to Try in 2018 – a series

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What to try in 2018 – Part 1

Ashley shares a couple of her fave trends to give a try this year 🙂


Now that we’re a few months into 2018, it’s about time we share what trends are catching our eye.  Some fashion, some beauty and some lifestyle. Needless to say, we’re totally digging these concepts…


Ice Blonde Hair

If you have met Kelly or I, you’ve probably caught onto the fact that we’re not natural blondes [shocker, I know] but we’re both completely loving the trend of dark-dark brunettes becoming blonde beauties.  Get yourself a colorist that isn’t afraid of the high-volume bleach and go for it! Brunettes tend to run a little ‘warmer’ in their blonde tone so grab some purple shampoo while you’re at the salon to keep the iciness alive.

Monochromatic Makeup

After recently finding this in a tutorial, I have been all over this trend.  Using the same shade [or color family] on your eyes, cheeks and lips is the key to this one.  I’ve even gotten spunky and have used my lipstick as my eyeshadow.

This year’s awards season really highlighted the different ways you could rock this and I have a feeling this trend will stay for a while, it’s just so timeless and classy.

Online Grocery Shopping

Our area has been a bit behind with this service but honestly, it is such a lifesaver.  If you have little ones or just a busier lifestyle, try using one of these services!

Personally, I have utilized Hello Fresh and currently online order my groceries from Woodman’s.  Not only am I saving a bit of money purchasing from Woodman’s, I am also saving time and potential meltdowns from Mille [my one year old] in the grocery store.  Win-win-win!

One other subscription meal delivery service I am dying to try is Sun Basket.   Sending you sustainable and organic ingredients along with unique recipes is their promise so sign me up!


So many trends and so little time, this is just a sampling of what we’re loving right now.  Stay tuned for more trends as the year goes on!